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How does it work?

Our proprietary platform uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that acts between you, our client or partner, and the advertising platform (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing etc.), managing your budget, bids and campaign preferences to bring you the best results with the lowest cost for your business, be it small, medium or large.

Refreshed 24/7

We monitor all the campaigns of your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, seeking the best bidding opportunities to bring you the biggest return over investment.

This process offers a new layer of intelligence to your campaigns. All the changes happen in real time, allowing it to find and seize unique opportunities that, sometimes, are hidden in schedules you can’t imagine.


Rich database for artificial intelligence

Besides that, we also have our proprietary database with over 70,000 active campaigns today in more than 100 countries, running over 10 million dollars per month, increasing even more our artificial intelligence capabilities.

Easy and agile to use

Optimize countless campaign quickly, everything integrated in just one platform. Your investments are allocated in the correct media, at the correct moment, without the need to invest in an internal media team.

Active campaigns

70000 +

Mothly media average


Present in more than

50 countries



Each client or Ellohub partner receives an exclusive password to see the campaigns report in real time and follow, thoroughly as he wishes, the progress of his investments in media. Be in the Managed Service, SaaS or Joint Management, you have access to 100% of the data you are looking for.


We respect your media investment as if it were ours. We respect the particularities and seasonality of each market, we are trained and prepared to deal with each adversity.


We are born and grew believing in hard work with ethics and honesty. We don’t renounce on what is right, and we don’t negotiate on what is wrong.

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