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Our Social Solution streamlines the Facebook and Instagram advertising experience by consolidating data into a single view for easy monitoring and reporting.

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Thousands of Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Truly optimized

Fast and easy to use

Simplify and speed up the process of creating and optimizing multiples campaigns all in one place.

Advanced tools

Enjoy advanced options and tools specially developed to speed up the campaign creation workflow.

Quickly Optimize

Manage, monitor, and optimize your Social Campaigns with the aid of your artificial intelligence and save time and money.

Advanced reporting

Enjoy our reports in your simplest visualizations, for clients without experience, or in depth, for those who want to see the smallest details.

API available for connection

Use our exclusive ROAR integration API to link it to the platform you already have.

Meet Social Leads

Automatically send an e-mail to you or your clients every time a new lead is generated and manage all your contacts through a personalized dashboard inside our Merchant Center. 

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