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Meet the industry’s leading platform for companies that sell and manage search marketing campaigns for local businesses.

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Far beyond the basics

Automated bid management 24/7

Our automated bid management is controlled by a sophisticated and independent master algorithm, directed by an artificial intelligence, which is continuously developing and improving every day, 24h per day.

Artificial intelligence almost in real time

Our AI based Technology automatically manage keyword level bids by identifying changes and moves budget accordingly without compromising performance.

Conversion-based optimizations

With the native integration between AdVantage and Google Analytics, we can identify and improve Search Campaigns performance opportunities, generating an even more assertive and meaningful traffic for your campaigns.

Automatic diagnostics and alerts

Our automated diagnostics and notification systems enhance campaign management with automated alerts for at-risk campaigns to prevent them of stopping working.

All tailored

Our Global Estimates tool will deliver an assertive traffic estimation, allowing your sales team to work more effectively.

Ads and keywords taxonomy

Our easy campaign creation and provisioning tool, with ready-to use ad copy and keywords taxonomy hugely reduces the creation time by your staff.

Native call tracking

Our native call tracking tool offers detailed insights into campaign value

Escalate your campaign management

With our exclusive tool, you optimize several campaigns and ads faster in an integrated way, improving operational efficiency with cost savings.

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